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Extensive management, design and development experience for all aspects of Internet and distributed systems. Emphasis on innovative opportunities and aggressive delivery schedules. Orientation towards program and project management, business and marketing analysis, and operations and customer support. Primary contributions in development of distributed architectures, communication protocol standards, electronic mail systems and user interfaces.



Principal, Brandenburg InternetWorking, 1991 - Present

  • Consultancy specialized in guiding the planning, development and use of distributed information products that work with existing and competitive services, and focusing on using intranets and the Internet.
  • Participate in development of Internet startup business plans, pursuit of funding and execution of business and technical plan.
  • Assist in development of intellectual property claims and serve as expert witness in IPR disputes.
  • Founded TribalWise, a software startup producing tools for senior customer support staff; founded Portola Communications, an email server startup eventually purchased by Netscape; assisted other startups through venture funding.
  • Founded Internet Mail Consortium, an industry trade association
  • Recent projects
    • Leadership of standards effort for facsimile over the Internet
    • Planning for administrative enhancements to Internet domain name system
    • Leadership of standards effort for electronic data interchange (EDI) over the Internet
    • Development of business and functional analysis of mass-market advanced electronic mail service
    • Specification of extensions to Internet email and information services
    • Design of transport-independent deferred-attachment API
    • IP network design for contention-access ATM-based interactive cable television service
  • Instigated design of new Internet Protocol for mass-market scaling while protecting the installed base of IP users (SIPP, IPv6)
  • Participated in program planning for international conferences (Networld+Interop and Apricot)

Manager, Network Systems Laboratory, Digital Equipment Corp., 1989 - 1991

  • Created strategic technology-transfer group to assist corporate efforts with TCP/IP. Delivered early flexible internetworking firewall and router products and network management administration tool.

Vice President, Engineering, The Wollongong Group, Inc., 1987 - 1989

  • Responsible for all product development, guiding a broad range of end-user and OEM open systems software products, including complete TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite, ISO-OSI suite, SNMP-based network management station and TCP/OSI transition products along 9 separate sets of product lines.
  • Responsible for staff of 50, providing software engineering, configuration management and project support, and corporate network and computing services. Created pattern of meeting delivery schedules, with individual accountability and reward.

Development Manager, Ungermann-Bass, Inc., 1985 - 1987

  • Delivered company's initial suite of TCP/IP software products, for PCs, terminal concentrators and internetwork routers. Developed technical tutorial that was published.
  • Responsible for business and project management of an advanced LAN/X.25 gateway; reoriented program to make on-schedule delivery .

Director, System Development, MCI Digital Information Services Corp., 1983 - 1985

  • Met extremely aggressive development schedule, creating application, directory and data processing components for MCI Mail, a unique, $50 million, distributed national electronic mail service. Developed interactive and remote batch access for 140,000 users, including delivery for Telex inbound and outbound, as well as hardcopy with letterhead and signature graphics, and access for communicating word processors. Promoted to be responsible for overall system development.
  • Led design activities, integrating range of platforms. Interfaced with other departments and major sales contacts. Administrative responsibility for management staff of 10; contractual responsibility for 50 professionals.

Co-Principal Investigator, Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Delaware, 1978 - 1982

  • Developed Unix-based distributed facility for relaying mail among architecturally heterogeneous networks. System was an exemplar for "UA/MTA" architecture of CCITT X.400 email standards.
  • Operated national mail relay service for the Army and for NSF's CSNet, precursor to NSFNet.
  • Authored various Internet protocol specifications, especially for electronic mail.

Professional Activities

  • Senior participant in Internet standards effort, including electronic mail, domain name system and transport standards. Led effort to standardize facsimile over Internet and electronic data interchange (EDI) over the Internet. Area director for Internet Engineering Task Force (1989-1993) providing long-term technical management for TCP/IP Internet network management, standards process management and service applications (middleware).
  • Session chair and presenter at conferences, including N+I Interop, Electronic Messaging Association, APRICOT, RIPE, EMail World and Unix Expo.
  • Presenter of numerous classes on the Internet, TCP/IP and open systems networking
  • Author of book chapters, magazine articles, presentations and specifications on open systems networking, standards, electronic mail and electronic commerce.
  • Chaired, Silicon Valley–Public Access Link, a volunteer-run community information service provider; continue on its Board.

Personal Data


  • Doctoral Program, Univ. of Delaware, Computer Science, Sept.  78Dec.  82.
  • M.A., Annenberg School, USC; Communication. 1977
  • B.A., UCLA; Psychology. 1975.