Bumi - Dec 2003

He's growing. Fast.

A friend said they were not sure they wanted to get another kitten because they were not sure they could survive the first year.

We are beginning to understand

This guy takes a lick'n' and keeps on ticken. Jackie plays nicely with him, though he deserves worse. When she does her exercises, he attacks her arm.

My own play with this nascent warrior is laced with rather more testosterone. But I swear, he really does like it when he takes a leap at me and I respond by throwing him half-way across the room.

He must, or he wouldn't keep coming back and attacking me (strictly mock, of course.) However the picture below makes it pretty clear that he is holding his own.

My bookkeeping suggests that every play session gets me two scratches, with two sessions per day. This has reduced more recently, but only because he is much quicker and more powerful. Hence, I am much more careful...

During our kitchen and bath remodeling, the office area is doing double duty as our kitchen. With things being crowded and sometimes precarious, it is proving difficult to get Bumi to stay away from the dangerous areas. So far, he has not broken any of these glasses, but we have another month to go.

Bumi's transitions from hyperactive attack kitten, to cuddly, soft purr-machine are frequent and sudden. And when our mood does not match his, he's winning much of the time. He has far more persistence than we do.